EMDR for Performance Enhancement in Business and Work

When people initially think of EMDR therapy their association is generally to trauma. EMDR is also an effective intervention for anyone who is generally content in their life but has some particular challenge in perhaps the business or work environment. The challenge can be as varied as difficulty speaking at meetings, presenting at conferences or procrastination around work tasks.

Increasingly clients are business professionals who simply have goals such as developing a new creative project, working to save more money or having more energy for life after work. For some, there is no immediate desire to commence personal therapy. EMDR can help people achieve goals in a focused way.

EMDR for Performance Enhancement can help enhance your life if you’re already happy and content but want to address a blocking belief in business or performance and success in projects or endeavours.

In my practice, if you want to get to a new level in your business or work life, EMDR therapy could be the tool to help you.

In the initial consultation we will discuss the desired outcome and assess if short term focused EMDR will be an appropriate intervention. Please specify Short Term Focused Work/Business EMDR in your initial inquiry.

Performance Enhancement in Business EMDR

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